New Keynote on Change.

In 2004 I experienced a near fatal work accident on a construction site which resulted in me breaking neck. Now paralysed from a very high level in my body I need wheel chairs to move round and live permanently with care givers 24/7.

Since 2008 I have worked actively with a high profile as a professional speaker talking about safety and my accident within many industry groups. In 2012 I was awarded at a national level for my contributions to work place safety.

During this time it began to dawn on me the massive “change” my life endured during the first few years, and in actual fact continues to this day. For instance; after a little over eight years since my fall, I have just started to blade shave again in the mornings. My rehabilitation can be seen as positive change and it is on- going.

Thinking seriously about this I have developed a whole new Key Note speech devoted to the phenomenon we know as “Change”. This powerful in depth presentation will be of great benefit to:

I will demonstrate and give tools for everybody to recognise types of change, to cope with change, to bring change gracefully into their life be it exciting, or perceived as negative. Using myself as an example I can show that ALL change can be managed to the individual’s advantage.

Please click on the link to see me talking and then feel free to contact me to discuss your needs and my availability to speak to your team. I look forward to supporting you and your team through change.


"I think that can be counted as a triumph to have their thinking and planning affected by your Words."
Brian Perry Civil

"I was on the organising committee and wanted an impact speaker that could demonstrate the consequences of getting it wrong and how those consequences are so far reaching that they touch the very nerve of what is important to us. Rhett Brown delivered this and more in a story that was so compelling that there was a deafening silence afterwards that demonstrated the impact it had on people."
Z Energy

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