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Rhett Brown the LIFE SAVER...

Now that's a strange title for a man in a wheelchair. Why is he in a chair? Why is he labelled a 'tetraplegic'? What does that mean for him? How does he cope with everyday life? One day on a construction site... A near suicide, divorce, rehabilitation – any one of these would stretch a person to the limit, but Rhett Brown has them all to deal with.

With dogged determination and sheer guts, Rhett has risen above these adversities to emerge a successful, inspiration professional speaker. As a result, thousands of workers around the country who have heard his story have been made aware of a new safety culture emerging in New Zealand workplaces.

From TRAGIC to MAGIC, this is his 'way up' – a universal story of how we can all release hidden strengths from within ourselves. You may cry, you may laugh, but you will enjoy this refreshing honest tale of one man’s struggle.

I just wanted to say, that I have just finished reading your book. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and have so much respect for you, and what you have achieved. You had to dig deep, and go where you had not been before. I will recommend this book to my friends. All the best in what you do, and for your future.

- Sonya

'An excellent page turner'  |  'Revealing, heartfelt'  |  'A very good read'.

Terrific review attached here, from Timaru Courier, and is likely to also run in other Allied Press' community newspapers - 'we cover Gore, Central Otago, Dunedin, Timaru and two rural papers -Southern Rural Life - which covers Otago / Southland and Courier Country, which covers North Otago / Canterbury.

Hi Rhett i have just read your book it really helped me get out of a dark place ive been in for a while i can totally relate to your story i am a incomplete c6 Asia d i spent 8 months at burwood. then 2years in rest homes etc. waiting for housing mods. had hand surgery with prof torture with jen i would love to meet with you for a chat next time you visit chch thanks again for your story you truly are a life saver your story helped me out of my black hole

"Shit happens, and it's not the hurdle in front of you that’s the problem, it’s how you’re going to get over the dam thing. It has been an epic journey watching Dad go through different stages of trauma through to rehab, depression, grief, potential suicide and coming out the other end, enabled to see a future,"

- Rhett's daughter Belinda.


"This is a story of triumph over deep darkness... Rhett found life and light and purpose once again, To experience the light, we don't need to go as far down as Rhett did, nor even to experience the kind of life awakening he did. But sometimes we need help in sorting out the mess."

- Michael Godfrey

'An excellent page turner'
'Revealing, heartfelt'
'A very good read'.